Readings for Week 6

For Tuesday:

Kamrava, Chapter 11, “Challenges Facing the Middle East.” (20 pages, on courseweb)

Jack Goldstone, “Understanding the Revolutions of 2011.” (16 pages, on courseweb)

Shadi Hamid, “The Rise of the Islamists.” (11 pages, on courseweb)

For Thursday:

Maryam Jamshidi, “Chapter 6: Civic Entrepreneurship in Technology Startups,” in The Future of the Arab Spring: Civic Entrepreneurship in Politics, Art, and Technology Startups. (14 pages, available from Hillman Library as an e-book: )

Kathy Gilsinan, “The Confused Person’s Guide to the Syrian Civil War.”

MediaTenor and Georgetown University study of Islam in the news. (powerpoint presentation, on courseweb). For summary, see:

Nick Danforth, “Stop Blaming Colonial Borders for the Middle East’s Problems.”

William R. Polk, “Understanding Syria: From Pre-Civil War to Post-Assad.”

Eric Schmitt, “Al Qaeda Turns to Syria, With a Plan to Challenge ISIS.”








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