Panel Presentation Guidelines


You have spent a good deal of time this term exploring a topic of your own interest and choosing. This is your chance to tell us all what you’ve been doing! For this project you will edit down your research paper into a 3 to 5-minute oral presentation. In particular, I want you to focus on revising your writing for spoken word. For suggestions on this, see:

Your presentation should introduce us to your topic and your argument and should also acquaint us with the sources you used and the difficulties you encountered along the way. In addition to the 3-5-minute presentation, you will have an extra 5 to 7 minutes in which you can show off the media and digital artifacts you have collected. You should explain how you plan to integrate these materials with your written argument in your digital project. This will be a good opportunity for you to get feedback as you start work on the digital revision.



  • Do you present a concise overview of your project and a clear explanation of your argument?
  • Have you made thoughtful edits of your written project for an oral presentation?
  • Do you remain within the set time limit?
  • Have you come prepared with media and presentation materials, which you will use in your digital revision?
  • Do you speak in an engaging style and is your presentation organized in such a way that your arguments make sense to your audience?

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