Start-Up Culture In Failing-States


I will aim to address the role of entrepreneurialism in the Middle East’s quest to stabilize and modernize. How does conflict and instability in Egypt help or hurt the creation of new businesses and how can these new ventures aid in the overall goals of their society? What types of constraints do these new ventures face and how do they help or hurt their success?

I will research the types of start-ups being created and their success rates – whether economically or in other terms. I will examine what type of government infrastructures currently exist and the effects of conflict and instability on said infrastructures. I will examine a historical background in early Western entreprenuerialism and how it led to the current conditions in the Middle East. How do US sanctions and difficulties entering global market places affect their ability to succeed? Does that matter? I plan to use a mix of sources including case studies on particular enterprises. I also plan to interview entrepreneurs from these regions.

Working Thesis: Modern start-up culture will and does play a crucial role in the redevelopment of failed-states (failing largely from imperialist proto-entrepreneurialism) and the disruption of the problems facing instability and stagnation in conflict regions.

In the face of near total disintegration of societal infrastructures, it is incredibly interesting to examine how progressive thinkers in leading start-ups can overcome the difficulties facing them to create a better world for those around them.


One thought on “Start-Up Culture In Failing-States

  1. Your working thesis is great in terms of having a specific stance that can be argued. My question is, where do you start with your examination of failed-states historically? That might be a useful perimeter to include to make the thesis more specific. How are you gaining access to the entrepreneurs from this region? Where are you gaining access to the research regarding economic studies for start-ups in Egypt? This topic is fascinating and something I had not previously considered, I’m excited to see it come to fruition!


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