Research paper Abstract

The purpose of this research paper is to find a connection between the policies of the French mandate in Syria and the current Syrian Civil War. The goal is to show that the favoritism of the French to certain groups such as the alawites and the heavy handedness of the French rule of the region is a factor in why Syria has erupted into chaos. This will be shown by analyzing the French rule of Syria, both from a modern perspective and a historical one, using sources from the period of the French mandate to get a better insight into the politics of the French rule. Alongside this, sources from all sides of the current conflict will be used to examine the reasons for why the rule in Syria broke down. Using the historical and modern information, a link between the rule of the French and its aftermath and the root causes of the Syrian Civil War will be made. This research will show that addressing these causes can be a good step in a permanent solution to the conflict.


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