Hello, and welcome to HIST 1763, The Contemporary Politics of the Middle East. This is our course blog; it will serve as our digital discussion space for this term. The main purpose of the blog is as a space for posting weekly reading responses and some projects; however, you should not feel limited to these types of posts only. I encourage you to use this blog as a place to ask questions of me or your classmates and to respond and comment to as many posts as you would like. Find a news story you find pertinent or entertaining? Post it here!

The bare minimum of blog participation is your weekly post of either a reading response or comments to two of your classmates’ reading responses. Reading responses should be more than a simple summary of the reading. We’ve all done the reading; what’s interesting to me is  your reaction to it. Do you agree? Did anything surprise you? Did the assigned reading make you rethink any contemporary issues in the region? As for your comments on the posts of others, feel free to disagree – respectfully. This is a good space for us to begin debates and conversations that we will continue in the classroom.

These posts are part of your overall participation grade, which means you have lots of flexibility to experiment with ideas and think out loud. However, I do expect you to follow grammatical standards, not plagiarize the work of others, and to show good sense and respect for the opinions of others.




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